General FAQ

What is Piggipo?

Piggipo is an application that help you manage credit card easier and use each credit card more effective.

What is a "Budget" and how come the pig looks sick sometimes?

"Budget" is a tool to helps you manage your credit card spending. You can set a "Budget" for the amount that you would like to spend during this period. If you have more than one credit cards, the "Budget" will be calculated from collective spending of all the cards during the current billing cycle of each card. You will be notice your cash behavior by "Piggipo" emotion due your budget setting.

Smiling Pig : mean that your cash behaviours all good and under control.
Crying Pig : mean BE CAREFUL, almost hit the budget limits.
Angry Pig : mean you already spending hit the budget limit or out of control.

What is the "Payment" menu?

"Payment" shows old credit card bills and transactions from previous billing cycles. “Payment” is great for the following purposes:
1. Keep track of all upcoming statements to help you manage your cash flow.
2. Recheck past transactions against your bank statements.
3. Calculate interest expense if you choose to make partial payments. To calculate interest expense, select a past bill under the "Payment" menu, click "Mark as paid", then enter the amount you would like to pay..
"Payment" also corresponds to “Budget”. Mark “Payment” as paid in order to free up your “Budget” for the next billing cycle.

What are these lingos?

1. Statement date : the last day for a billing cycle.
2. Due date : the date on which you must make payment to the bank before interest is applied.
3. Credit limit : maximum amount that you plan to use on a card. This may be the credit limit set by the bank for that card or any amount you set.
4. Extra credit : you payment advance into the credit card to temporary increase your credit limit.
5. installment : when you choose to pay only a part of the total amount due. (instead of the full amount)
  5.1. flat interest rate - Interest charged on the loan without taking into consideration that periodic payments reduce the amount loaned. Hence, same interest will apply throughout the life of the loan.
6. Total Spending : the calculation amount of this billing statement.
7. Amount pay : the amount that you would like to pay for the billing.

How do I set Alert Notification?

"Alert Notification" is your personal secretary and will remind you to make payment before the payment due date of each card. You can turn this notification on/off by selecting a card and choose “edit”.